Why cant my package by tracked at this time?

There are a number a reasons your package cannot be tracked. The most common is while you have been issued a tracking number, it is not fully registered with the carrier yet. Many times you will be issued a tracking number while your item is sitting with a merchant, but it isnt until the carrier receives the item at its warehouse will its first activity appear. So, in short - give it time. If you're sure its on its way, be sure to double check the shipping number. The last resort is to contact the sender to make sure the number is correct and verify the carrier they used.
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Autodetect isnt selecting the right carrier!

Auto Detect works by evaluating the number you have provided and making a "best guess" at the possible carrier. With over 300 carriers to evaluate, there is a lot of overlap, especially with non-US carriers. If you are relying on Auto Detect but are not seeing the expected result - try to explicitly select the shipping carrier to track your package. If you do not see the carrier, Contact Us and we will provide further instructions!

My Item says "Delivered" but I have not received it

Unfortunately that is not great news. If the results say the package has been delivered, your package may have been stolen or delivered to someone else by mistake. Call your carrier and they will open an investigation into the package. The good news is sometimes drivers will leave packages in "out of sight" locations on your property if the package does not require a signature but there was no answer at your door.